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Black Economic Alliance (BEA)

Work, wages, and wealth for Black Americans.

About the Project


The Black Economic Alliance (BEA) is a coalition of business leaders and allies who have joined together to accelerate economic growth by advocating for public policies that advance work, wages, and wealth in the Black community. The goal is for more Black Americans to share in the American Dream to the benefit of community and country.

The Black Economy made initial progress after Dr. King’s final speech in 1968 that called for a “greater economic base.” The annual income of the median Black household increased 42.8 percent between 1968 and 2016, and poverty rates declined ten percentage points. But that economic journey is incomplete, and progress has stalled.

Black Americans live in the wealthiest country in the history of the world, but their incomes are only 61.6% of the median white household. On almost any economic metric, the divergence is stark. The reality is 9 million Black people have no realistic on-ramp to the American Dream and live below the poverty line in near third-world conditions. In 25 states, at least 20% of the Black population lives in poverty.

We have made three key assumptions: (1) by pooling our resources and aligning our objectives we can closely link funding to accountability for specific policies and outcomes; (2) government and private sector policy, properly structured, can generate jobs and economic growth in communities of need; and (3) our business and political leaders are open to and need new ideas to improve work, wages, and wealth for Black people.

In addition to advancing an economic policy agenda focused on improving economic outcomes for Black Americans, we support candidates for office who are aligned with this agenda by providing endorsements, funding key elections and electoral initiatives, and engaging with government officials across the political spectrum, holding them accountable to that agenda.

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Launched in 2018

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