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The Black Browser

A black browser that enables black people to control the truth of their history

About the Project


Black minds have been colonized. Technology controls what we see and what we don't. By controlling access to knowledge, tech platforms are able to channel our attention to the information others want us to see. This is a hidden reason why money cycles in black communities for only 6 hours as opposed to 20 days for other communities. Yet the algorithms that manipulate our attention - binding us - are easily dismissed because they are invisible.

Until we shift our relationship with the Internet and information itself, we will not be able to prevent the hijacking of black minds or have meaningful conversations at scale about history, race and other complex topics that matter. While conversations in silos can have value, that value is limited to the extent that people can find and access the information when they need it.

But just like algorithms that guide our interactions with technology, the truth along with the potential solutions that will set us free is hidden in plain sight.

By connecting relevant information and the people who need to meet, we can liberate our ideas, history, lineage, and circumstances from the shadows of search, social media, and the Internet.

We are building a first of its kind next-generation web browser. A browser that connects, filters, and places content and thereby shifts our relationship with information and the web itself; effectively an open digital library that cannot be hijacked or destroyed.

A black browser is a necessary first great leap to a digital underground railroad that will free black minds, ideas, perception, and expression.

How far along is it

We have had a series of meeting with leaders and influencers, and are in the process of creating collateral, building partnerships, and raising funds.

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