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StreetCode Academy Level Up: Closing the Digital Divide

Level Up is a $2.5M campaign to Close the Digital Divide for 2,500 low-income, Bay Area students of color on the Peninsula.

About the Project


The Level Up Initiative is a $2.5M campaign to close the digital divide for 2,500 local students from disenfranchised communities of color in San Mateo County--East Palo Alto, Menlo Park and Redwood City--by not only supplying them with free computers and ensuring they have access to affordable internet, but also by providing free, continuous IT support, engaging online content, and our free, culturally-relevant tech education classes in coding, entrepreneurship, and engineering design.

How far along is it

We began our Level Up Initiative in June, so we are just getting started. We are working hard to raise both the funding and get tech donations (high-quality laptops, primarily) to then proceed to ensure our students get the resources they need. We are moving quickly in the hopes that many of them have the tech resources needed to attend school remotely in the fall.

Project target location
Bay Area

Project details

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Number of volunteers needed
Preferred Volunteer location
Bay Area, ideally.